RICHMOND — Anthony Wayne Hart, 47, charged recently along with his wife, Kathy Lee Hart, 43, with illegal
transaction with a minor in a child sex case, was sentenced to two years in prison four years ago in Boyle County for
attempting to sell a child for adoption.

A similar charge against Kathy Hart was dismissed, according to documents filed with the Madison District Court

Judge Charles Hardin on Wednesday referred to a Madison grand jury the allegations that the Harts forced their
two middle school-age daughters available to men for sexual favors, although not intercourse, in exchange for
money and gifts.

Although Kathy Hart’s public advocate attorney Valetta Browne requested that her $25,000 cash bond be reduced
to a 10-percent bond, because the pre-trial release office judged her to be “low risk” and she had no felony
convictions, Hardin refused.

Before Anthony Hart’s attorney Tim Despotes could ask for a change in his client’s bond, Hardin said there “were
plenty of red flags” on both defendants’ records to prevent lowering either’s bonds, both set at $25,000.

Madison County Attorney Marc Robbins also had argued that the seriousness of the charges justified leaving the
bonds as set.

The couple remained in the Madison County Detention Center on Friday afternoon.

Anthony and Kathy Hart have had brushes with the law in up to five Kentucky counties going back at least 10 years,
according to documents attached to their arrest citations.

In late 2002, both were indicted by a Boyle County grand jury on the child-selling charge, but the case against
Kathy Hart was dismissed in 2004.

Following his February 2006 guilty plea, Anthony Hart’s petition for shock probation was denied two months later.

Their records also include a string of traffic violations, including no insurance and driving without an operator’s
license, most of which were dismissed. A 2002 charge of resisting arrest in Boyle County also was dismissed
against Kathy Hart.

It's a crime that has stunned even police officers.

A central Kentucky couple is now in jail, accused of trying to sell their young daughters for sex

While the couple was arrested in Madison County, police say the investigation is leading them all over Kentucky.

In February, police arrested Anthony Hart and Kathy Hart.

Police in Madison County accuse the couple of offering people sexual favors with their 13 and 14-year-old
daughters in exchange for money, clothes, and food.

Police say they were tipped off after a teacher noticed the two girls standing outside a movie theater, wearing next
to nothing, in freezing cold temperatures in December.

Police say due to the ages of the teens, they wanted to act fast to ensure the girls would stay safe.

"Because they are juveniles, we can't release a lot of information," Ken Clark with the Berea Police Department
said. "They are being taken care of by social services."

According to an arrest citation, police say the same couple may have committed similar crimes in Somerset,
Lancaster, and Mount Vernon.

Police say their investigation is ongoing.

Police say even if Anthony and Kathy Hart can post bond, they will not have access to their children.

We were able to confirm, the same couple was also arrested in 2002 after a State Police undercover operation in
which a Trooper attempted to buy a child from the couple.

Trooper Mike Coyle says, "What they were attempting to do is sell their child and that's when they were arrested."

We spoke with the Hart's neighbors back in 2002 who say Kathy Hart would have moments of rage towards her
children back then.

Anthony Hart was sentenced to two years in prison in connection with the attempt to sell his child in 2002.

His current case, along with his wife's case has been handed over to the grand jury.
According to news reports this story has
"shocked" everyone! Two parents accused
of pimping their two middle school
daughters. At first you might think this is a
shock but it's not. It's perfectly normal.
Why? Cause four years before this the
mother and father were accused of trying
to sell her daughter in a parking lot. These
charges were later dismissed cause the
mom played the "im a fucken nuttcase"
card. It worked. We wonder why this world
is going to shit....the people running the
country are just at fault for shit like this.
Shit Father - Anthony Hart 47
Shit Mother - Kathy Hart 43
Gov't at fault for allowing parents to
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